Star Trek

Wrath of Khan

I’ve commented a number of times previously that I enjoy the idea of gaming in the Star Trek universe but ultimately pass it up for its cumbersome tropes. The idea that “adventures” are constructed around the crew of a starship is awkward at best and often impossible. The same problem arises in almost any space-faring Sci Fi setting which I imagine is one of the reasons that Fantasy frequently wins out as the genre of choice.

Yet, whenever I come across a Star Trek clip I find myself studying the possibilities and wondering if there isn’t a way to make it work. After all, there’s few better examples of high drama in science fiction than the Wrath of Khan. It has everything a futuristic adventure should — space & personal combat, NPC/PC conflict, and scientific underpinnings.

3 thoughts on “Wrath of Khan

  1. Odd, I have played in several ST games and the fact that the PCs are part of starship crew under orders always seemed to make the adventures more direct and engaging (no “you meet in a tavern” moments for example).

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