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Minor Artifact (Scimitar)

Scimitar of the Nymphs
by Tim Hensley

The Scimitar was originally given to the Archdruid Leofrick by the Nymphs of Gallish in exchange for acting as guardian of the river. It remained within druid society for nearly four hundred years until it was stripped from the dead body of the Great Druid Namist who was decapitated during a battle with the Wyrm Tycus.

No one knows how long Tycus kept the artifact buried in his hoard, but the blade eventually surfaced during the Bauwater Rebellion when Arthur the Crocked attempted to use it to claim “supreme executive power.” The rebellion was squashed by a counter-rebellion led by a peasant hero named Dennis, who immediately returned Bauwater back to an “anarcho-syndicalist commune.”

As with other objects in Bauwater, the scimitar was treated as community property and used by each adult on a bi-weekly rotation until the town was sacked by troglodytes. The blade has not been seen since.

The Scimitar of the Nymphs acts as a +2, +3 vs. aquatic creatures weapon. It also confers the ability to breathe and move freely underwater.

I x 2 ___ ___
III x 1 ___

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