How a butler sold me on LOTFP

I downloaded the free version of Lamentations of the Flame Princess to see if I wanted to dive into another clone. After glancing through the Rule Book, I stumbled across a chart of retainers. It contained the usual suspects — mercenary, craftsman, alchemist, scholar — but then I noticed the game’s true glory.


A household can be a very disorganized place. If a character wanted to deal with all of the aspects of handling the day to day issues of retainers, they’d just be bosses instead of explorers. A Butler (sometimes called a Steward) acts as head of the household and interacts with the staff so the master of the house doesn’t have to. If there are at least three different types of retainers (not counting sailors or mercenaries), then a Butler is necessary or everyone’s morale drops by one.

I’m sold.

Seriously though, from what I can tell there is enough of a new approach (and flavor) to the game to warrant picking up the full copy. Plus, I happen to love boxed sets.

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