Skill Package: Washed Up

One of the interesting new features with Mongoose Traveller is their use of skill packages at the end of character generation (p. 37). By selecting a particular package, the PCs begin to create a basic sense of who they are and why they adventure together.

Of course, being the twisted (er, creative) person that I am, I often see opportunities in misfortune. This is particularly easy to see in Traveller as the character generation system is riddled with potential pitfalls that help to shape the background of your characters. Each career path has an entire set of misfortunes attached to it, which often results in injury, disgrace, or even jail time. With this in mind, I decided I might create a new skill package:

    Washed Up: This skill package is intended for campaigns where the party is comprised of individuals who have had a rough life filled with less than stellar outcomes.

    Carouse 1
    Deception 1
    Gun Combat (any) 1
    Melee (any) 1
    Persuade 1
    Pilot (any) 1
    Stealth 1
    Streetwise 1

In addition, the GM may require that each player roll on the mishap table as part of their final mustering.

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