Any good reader options for game books?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of the pdf craze. It’s not that I don’t understand why it’s become popular with small (and even large) gaming companies, but rather that I intensely dislike having to read book-length texts on a computer. Which leads me to ask — does anyone out there use a Kindle or Nook as a pdf reader? And if so, what do you like/dislike about them?

6 thoughts on “Any good reader options for game books?

  1. My advice? Wait. There are boatload of new & much improved eInk readers coming out this year which should drives prices way down & increase the quality. My Ladylove uses a kindle and is one her 4th or 5th because they keep breaking. On the other hand Amazon has replaced all of them without trouble, but still.

    Ars Technica has a good summery of what is coming out this year:

  2. I use the Kindle DX for most of my PDF reading. The screen is large enough that it is easy on the eyes. Some PDFs do croak on the DX. No idea why. I’ve done some short RPG PDF reviews on my website: tag should be Kindle DX.

  3. If you’re into Mac’s at all, I’d check out the iPad – it looks like a good size, color and touch screen. That or a low-end Tablet would be my recommendation. I think ebooks are great for text, but when you get into tables, color and other pdf stuff, ebooks don’t really cut the mustard.

    One of the major benefits to me in using the pdfs is that everything is bookmarked for fast reference, and I can have several open at once – ebooks don’t give you that option.

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am going to keep my eyes open for whatever might be coming down the pipe, as I do enjoy supporting the vast wealth of pdf material, it’s just that these eyes of mine ain’t getting any younger.

    As for the iPad, I’m intrigued but from what I’ve seen it’s really no different than looking at a computer screen. I do agree that I’d like the screen to be able to handle tables, charts, illustrations, etc, but I’d really like something like the eInk option for long stretches of reading.

  5. We have a first and a second generation Kindle in the family, neither of which have ever had any problems. However, the standard size Kindle is not suitable for PDF viewing. A coworker has a Kindle DX, and I must say that it is more than adequate for the task — so much so that I’ve considered buying one just to view PDFs.

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