Patron: Karin Dosert, Theft Victim

Required: Investigate, Deception, possibly a ship
Reward: Cr. 5,000

Player’s Information

Three days ago Karin Dosert, a well renowned anthropologist, hired a clown for her son’s seventh birthday party. Despite their reputation for scaring young children, Bonzi the Aslan Clown, with his dramatic martial arts display, was a huge success. Unfortunately, the day after, Karin discovered that her prized Klugan medallion – a relic from one of her early research projects on Trii – was missing. Fearing the worst, Dosert would like to hire the PC’s to find Bonzi and return her medallion.

Referee’s Information

Karin will give the PCs the electronic address she used to contact Bonzi the Clown. Using it, they should be able to track/coerce him and thus flush him out.


  1. Bonzi’s not an Aslan at all but a physically modified entertainer who stole the medallion for drug money.
  2. The same as above, except Bonzi was (counter-)hired to steal the medallion by a rival anthropologist who is attempting to discredit Dosert.
  3. The same as above except Bonzi stole the medallion, double-crossed the second anthropologist when he discovered its value and is now attempting to sell it on the black market.
  4. Bonzi was physically altered to look like an Aslan not just for entertainment reasons, but because he’s a Psion-in-hiding. While performing at the Dosert house, he suddenly became aware of a trapped intelligence, the medallion, which he took upon himself to liberate. If approached by the players, he’ll try to convince them to help him return it to its home world.
  5. As above, but Dosert discovers Bonzi’s plans and hires a secondary group to stop the PCs from returning the medallion to its home world.
  6. Bonzi is actually a female Aslan agent who was planted as an entertainer in an attempt to locate documentation on the destruction of the colony known as Tgrii-4. The Aslan suspect that Dosert’s fieldwork was done on Tgrii around the time of the colony’s destruction.

This is designed for an industrial, moderately high tech world with a diverse population, but you can definitely tinker with the idea in order to make it fit into other planetary environments. In addition, you can easily change the names of the colony to suit whatever sector of space you might be adventuring through.

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