Savage Worlds

The Omenous Portent of the Highlands’ Meteor

Since many of you participated, you probably already know about the One Page Dungeon Contest that was all the rage a few weeks back. I wound up entering a piece entitled: The Omenous Portent of the Highlands’ Meteor.

Based on the theme of the contest, I assumed that the primary setting would be fantasy, but decided to do a mixed genre piece. The only problem was that we were required to use a stripped down, stat-less format, which meant that I wound up with an adventure that had a few holes the GM would have to fill in herself.

I’m not wild about leaving holes.

So, rather than just post my entry as it was submitted, I decided to fill those in myself. The layout, content, and design are all still the same. The only change is that the entire adventure now has stats for Savage Worlds.

As I said before, this assumes that you’re using it for a fantasy campaign. It doesn’t matter if it’s high, pulp, or even romantic, as long as the traditional tropes (magic, races, etc) are present. If you’d prefer to use it in a historic or Deadlands setting, simply dump the Orcs and sub in Cultists!


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