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Favorite game (you never play)

This weekend, as I was doing some prep work for the Castles & Crusades game I’m running, I got an idea for Savage Worlds stuck in my head. This is the kind of thing that used to happen all the time when I was a younger gamer. I used to have severe attention deficit when it came to rule sets, jumping from one system to the next as quickly as they were produced.

As I matured, and discovered the “kind” of gaming I preferred, I wound up calming down and eventually developed a passion for specific systems. I do, however, continue to collect new games though it’s primarily as a collector. I wind up using some for supplementary material to augment other games, but beyond that I tend to stick with a few of my favorite: C&C, Traveller.

Savage Worlds should be a part of that list. I should be using it for a large, expansive, fast & furious campaign; I want to be using it! The only problem is the system really works better with in-person games and I’ve only had the time to run PBP games for the last few years. So, in a very real sense, Savage Worlds is my “favorite game (I never play).”

Frankly, that was a rather depressing realization. Which, of course, made me wonder, is this a common theme with all of us? Do all of you have a favorite game that you never (get to) play and if so, what is it?

3 thoughts on “Favorite game (you never play)

  1. Top Secret. It’s my go-to espionage game, but one that none of my players like, and that has been replaced in the genre more recently by Spycraft and even GURPS.

  2. I can certainly sympathize. I think I would have the same problem if I attempted to pull Top Secret into my existing group, though I do still hold out hopes of running it at an upcoming con.

  3. Um… Rifts I guess. That’s because I love the game hate the mechanics.

    I think the other one is space games where I get to play a pilot. I love playing a pilot in anything. As of a little while ago I was gifted a steampunk game where I got to play an airship pilot, so that desire is starting to get sated as the game is still ongoing.

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