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Last minute change

As I was roughing in the final stages of my trap-infested one page dungeon yesterday, I realized that the level of detail I needed was simply a bit much for the required space. I wound up switching to one of my bizarre designs, which was already finished and was going to be loaded here as the contest closed; meaning that I’m now going to go back and put more detail into the “trap dungeon” and make it available here when I’m finished.

Regardless of whether my actual entry winds up being published through the contest, I plan on posting it here as well. Considering that I used a new “monster” (sans stats, of course), it would no doubt be more interesting if I could truly flesh it out.

My ultimate goal was to blend AD&D/C&C/LL with…well, Dark Conspiracy for lack of a better comparison; and I believe I could make it far more effective with stat blocks, abilities, and a slightly more robust set of guidelines for the DM. For example, I commented at one point about “radiation,” but didn’t have the column space to go into any details about whether to use it as a hazard or how it might be used in play.

In any event, it appears that the contest was a big hit as there were some 60+ entries. With competition like that, I don’t figure on coming in at the top, but I have to admit it was fun to participate. I’ve said before that my gaming style is a combination of old school rules and modern storytelling arcs which ultimately means that I don’t do a lot of traditional dungeon crawls. But, like so many gamers who got hooked in the late 70’s, I certainly came from those roots, and this contest put me back in touch with those early, passionate, forays into the unknown.

I’m looking forward to seeing the winners.

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