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The Con Game: Pick a Plot

It’s been weeks since I put my first poll up to figure out what kind of game I should run at an upcoming convention. It seems like the voting has been slowly dropping off and the winner is: Traveller.

I could go old school and use Classic Traveller, but since Mongoose is not much different I figure I’ll stick with the newer edition. Having said that, I thought I’d carry the poll into the next step. Namely, what should the theme of my game be?

You can vote in the sidebar. Once I’ve collected the votes for this one…well, I guess I’ll start designing the damned thing.

4 thoughts on “The Con Game: Pick a Plot

  1. I could. But that seems like a lot of work! Oh, and remember, it has to fit within a (roughly) four hour block of playing time. I certainly think I could blend a few of them together though (bug hunt-mystery or bug hunt-rescue, etc).

  2. My gut inclination is to lean towards a mystery (particularly with Traveller) but I figured I’d continue the poll and see which direction it might naturally take. Though I have to say, regardless of which winds up winning, the players will have to do some figuring out.

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