Patron: Teijo Minako, Distraught Father

Required: Investigate, Streetwise or Deception, Gun Combat
Reward: Cr. 10,000

Player’s Information

Ana Minako, an up-and-coming singer, recently booked a show on the backwater world of Natal. Accompanied by her father Teijo, she arrived on Thursday and performed two sets Friday night. On Saturday, Ana didn’t show for her scheduled performance. Teijo would like to hire the PC’s to find his daughter, as the authorities seem to be treating this as a simple missing persons’ case.

Referee’s Information

Ana isn’t the first person to disappear on the frontier world of Natal. Like the others, she’s become the latest victim of a local crime syndicates’ “organ theft” abduction ring.


Ana’s hotel room will yield a vid message suggesting she met a fan at a café. At the café, the owner will remember the guy she met (Damien Donnovan) and reveal that he’s a rental agent who works down the street.

In truth, Damien is only arranging meetings in order to pay off a debt he owes the syndicate. Fortunately, his conscience is getting the best of him and he’s willing to help arrange a fake snatch in order to a) grab gang members and discover how their operation works or b) use a PC as a decoy in order to infiltrate their operation.


  1. The local cell could be only a small piece of a larger multi-world operation.
  2. The planetary authorities could be tied to the syndicates’ business.
  3. The syndicate could be harvesting organs for a pharmaceutical company.
  4. The syndicate is harvesting organs for a local Agri-Corp (Soylent Green is people).
  5. The syndicate might have told Damien it was harvesting organs when it’s actually dealing in slaves.
  6. The syndicate could be harvesting organs for an as-yet unknown alien species in order to get some form of sophisticated technology.

This was designed for a backwater world with an overworked law enforcement agency, but you can certainly spin it to a Corp world or even towards a cultish theocratic society if you want a more sinister (Jim Jones) overtone.

2 thoughts on “Patron: Teijo Minako, Distraught Father

  1. That was a nice “patron”.

    I would select option 3, and add that the pharmaceutical company also had connections in the local government.

    You can use the more-tag to hide the referee’s information.

  2. Thanks BeRKA. I tried to give as much variety as possible without pushing one idea over the other. I’ll probably be doing more in the future so feel free to stop by and plunder.

    I thought about using the more-tag when I was originally writing this, but decided that referees are probably the only group interested in reading. And there are a handful of people who follow along with RSS readers so I wanted to keep it easy for them as well.

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