Star Trek

To Boldly Go…on second thought, I can’t

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m in the middle of organizing a play-by-email game for a small group of people. During our “which game should we play” conversation, Scott mentioned that he was in a Star Trek mood; strangely enough, even though about 70% of my older game books (pre-2006) are boxed up, Last Unicorn Games’ (LUG) Star Trek has managed to keep its place on the shelf.

When Scott mentioned it, I figured it was a prefect time to pay it another visit. As before, I walked away impressed with what LUG had created. The character generation system is perfectly designed for the Star Fleet Academy universe; the ICON system is fairly simple and intuitive; and the possibilities are varied enough to give almost any player an attractive character option.

The only real sticking point I’ve ever noticed is — what do you do with a Star Trek game?

I like to think that I’m a pretty inventive guy and I’ve certainly run my share of Sci-Fi and futuristic games in the past, but when faced with the Star Trek universe, it’s as if the traditional gamer’s mindset grinds to a halt. Perhaps I find the conceits of the setting to be too overwhelming to support the conceits of gaming? Or maybe it’s just the rigidly structured nature of the Star Trek multi-verse that does me in?

Whatever it is, when I sit down with the rulebook I can see character generation clear-as-a-bell, but the game mastering side is nothing but a void. If every GM has an Achilles’ heel, I think Star Trek may be mine.

One thought on “To Boldly Go…on second thought, I can’t

  1. Have to say that im in exactly the same frame of mind with Star Trek, having just read the Decipher version of the game. They do try to give you a lot of hints on what type of game could be played but nothing really sticks for me.

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