Return to d6?

Recently, while stumbling around looking for a nice, seamless, easy to integrate generic rules set, I decided to plop down a few dollars and pick up the d6 system. Thus far, I’ve picked up d6 Space and d6 Fantasy, and I’ll likely pick up d6 Adventure a little further down the road.

Like a lot of folks, I have a short history with West End Games’ d6 system through their former Star Wars line. I remember enjoying the way the mechanics work but wound up playing it less and less over the years as the Lucas universe lost its appeal over other emerging products. Nonetheless, it was a system that I remembered for its simplicity and ease of use.

Even though I’ve spent some money on True20 over the last six months, I’ve not been particularly satisfied with a number of bits and pieces, and have finally decided that it’s the d20 underpinnings of the system that I truly dislike. In fact, the d20 system, for me, is cumbersome and far from an elegant story telling machine (as demonstrated by my abandoned WoAdWriMo project).

I’ve just started reading d6 Space and that old feeling of reading a modest system with decent depth is once again emerging. I’m sure I’ll be posting a full review when I finish reading it, but for the time being, I thought I’d write a quick post to let everyone know I’m not dead yet.

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