True20: Harry Potter

As anyone can no doubt tell from my sparse posting, I’ve not had much time to put into games and such lately. Work has kept me fairly swamped and I’ve not even had enough time to finish reading the Star Wars Epic rules and wrap up my much delayed WoAdWriMo adventure.

I did, however, have a chance to catch an interesting thread over at the True20 Forums last week, concerning that rather famous boy wizard. In my opinion, it’s one of the best True20 conversions to date.

While I’m not a rabid fan of the Potter series, I’ve often thought that it might make for an interesting RPG setting. The more I’ve looked over Doctor J’s guidelines for creating first year students, the more plausible it sounds as a gaming environment.

The only question becomes, how much of the canonical text do you use, and how much do you toss overboard in order to give your players a living, breathing world of their own?

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