Star Wars · WoAdWriMo

WoAdWriMo: Coming late

Not there yet.

I’ve done some work on it and I’m happy to report that my copy of Star Wars Saga Edition arrived by post on Saturday; however, I’ve just started reading through it, to say nothing of sitting down and stating out all the bad guys and NPCs that I need for this here adventure. Nonetheless, I will not be bested. Even though it’s going to be late, I intend to finish said adventure and get it posted as soon as I can (hopefully in the next 10 to 14 days).

One thought on “WoAdWriMo: Coming late

  1. How’d she go? I never made time for mine as I’ve been working on setting up a Horror game using HAGIS (my homebrew collection of systems/tools) for my wife (who is a non-gamer). Though I’ve made her play D&D a couple of times, she never really liked it…..recently she *requested* that I set up a Cthulhu/X-files type game….I was floored. I haven’t had a chance to play (we’re coordinating with my brother to play with us….two players with me GMing).

    Anyway, I’d love to see your adventure if you ever had time to finish it.



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