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Adventure writing month possibility

In my earlier post, I passed along info about Worldwide Adventure Writing Month, and suggested that I might throw my name in the pot. With tomorrow being the first of June, I’ve decided to go ahead and commit myself to the task and see if I can’t pull out a nice 32 page adventure to inspire, delight, and entertain…well, whoever might care to read it.

Even though I’m still debating what game system I’ll be supporting, at the moment I’m leaning towards one that takes place in “a galaxy far, far away.” With it being the 30th Anniversary, and with the probable release of WoC’s latest incarnation of the RPG, it seems hard to resist the urge to return to that universe we love so much.

If I do, you’ll likely be reading an adventure that:

  • Takes place during the Clone Wars
  • In the Year 19 BBY
  • Involves the Vurk
  • Possibly takes place on Sembla
  • Is designed for “beginning” characters
  • I’m not promising anything at this point, but that could very well happen. Or not. It totally depends on my mood.

    2 thoughts on “Adventure writing month possibility

    1. I know the new Star Wars Saga edition is already in the distribution channels, as an online friend of mine was able to get a copy before the street date from a retailer who doesn’t pay attention to such things. I believe the official release date, at least here in the US, is tomorrow.

    2. I saw that the book was pushed back to a June 5 release date and figured that would still give me time to read through it and stat everything out. I began work on the actual adventure on June 1st, simply constructing and writing, and figured I’d save the heavy lifting for the end of the month.

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